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"Derived from passion, excelled by mastery, nurtured through creativity" 
- Harmony Ventures 


Sector Focus

Beauty & Personal Care

Harmony Venture's Beauty and Personal Health ventures pride themselves on an eclectic mix of values that are based on passion, excellency, innovation and mastery of their arts. Relying on longevity and growth of key lines, as well as the fearlessness of new creations. 

Houses in this area of Harmony Ventures offer high quality services and products to their customers. Innovation is key in the ever evolving technology and gaming sector and these excellent houses thrive on their passion for creation and expertise in their field.

Technology & Gaming

Fashion & Accessories

The Fashion and Accessories division at Harmony Ventures consist of houses and talents that are young which allow creativity and innovation in today's market, as well as the more historic, long standing and loved talents brought into this highly competitive market.

About us


"We are creators and collaborators, brand builders and communicators, unapologetically committed to delivering the best of beauty and wellness to the world"

Innovating Products

Combining propriety trend tools, deep category and product knowledge and speed to market, we are early to market with innovative products consumers love.

Building Brands

Our in-house brand and content teams stay on pulse with consumer tastes and develop relevant and responsive campaigns that bring our brands to life.


We combine direct-to-consumer know-how with deep experience partnering with the world’s top retailers to reach consumers everywhere they shop.

Nishaan Singh


Nishaan has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to the industry of luxury goods and cosmetics. He has been in and around the industry for 6-7 years and has collected a catalogue of contacts from the manufacturing side all the way to retail side of luxury fashion and cosmetics. 

Currently Nishaan is focusing on some very exciting projects within the gaming & technology industry.

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21  /  08  /  2023

Harmony Ventures is in now working on a sustainable cosmetics project.


03 / 02 / 2023

We are proud to announce that we are working on an exciting new fashion project.


27  /  09  /  2022

Harmony Ventures is invested into a new gaming project, more info coming soon.
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